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Welcome to #FC310!

Make a fist, make two. Now join them together. That’s about it, that’s the size of your heart. 310 grams of flesh that pounds for all the right reasons, and keeping you alive is just one of them.

Everything you believe in starts from a single beat. Love, loyalty, establishing a connection with your surroundings and the people around you – that’s what we believe in. And that’s what we celebrated over a three day offsite at Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh. An offsite we called #FC310.

And it was epic! We spoke about our brands, and we spoke about what we do and why we do it. We took ourselves to a level we never knew existed, and cracked briefs with ideas we never knew we had. The Park didn’t have a fence, it extended into the wild, untamed, free jungle. Maybe that helped us push ourselves further into a new creative space? Maybe. Definitely.

And because we’re sticklers for detail, we’re going to tell you what it all looked like.

Day 1: The One With The Travel & The Brief

After a plane ride that someone missed and a bus ride that had a muddy ending, we arrived late afternoon on a Friday to a resort that we got quite excited about.

But the highlight of Day 1? All the new learnings we came across. Before the offsite, we were asked to interview individuals who earn their livelihood through unorganised businesses and find out what role digital media and technology played in their job.

This one saw us face challenges from people who refused to talk to us to those who had nothing to say. But we persisted. And the inaugural session at #FC310 saw some amazing stories being presented.

From paanwallas to bhajiwallas, and from one brilliant idea to gain and retain customers to another. We were left stunned at how people we don’t usually associate as “digital” were using and innovating across platforms & mediums to work and prosper.


That left us inspired a ton for what was yet to complete day 1 – the brief.

 This part of the evening was simple – we get a brief and we brainstorm the night away, presenting our work early next morning. It wasn’t a competition but this time it was more than just a job. Not being the office, surrounded by acres of green, divided into groups and with the entire night to ourselves, the possibilities were endless and we explored it.

For a visual journey through Day 1, head here ->

Day 2: The One With FC United

One brief. One dedicated office. One too many brilliant ideas! And sharing them all took all afternoon.

But this was still an offsite and we were still surrounded by a beautiful forest that we needed to pay attention to and fresh air to take in. The rest of the day was dedicated to exploring the resort, chilling wherever you found a good chilling spot and a store full of laughter with a quiz about everything and stand-up by FC’s very own creative director. Funny guy.

And your visual catch up of Day 2? Right here ->

Day 3: The One With All The Football

Nothing wears us out and bright shining faces for a 6 am nature walk/trek was proof of our enthusiasm. Our guides, locals who knew the land and its creatures inside out, helped us spot birds, learn more about the forest and open our amateur eyes to the hidden beauties of nature.

We came back with beautiful pictures because fortunately for us, we had our creative head and photographer at heart hand out the key to taking good phone pictures. Yes, angles, selfies and framing to a whole new level.

And the day got even more active with some intense football sessions, some professional looking frisbee playing, splashing in the pool, a couple of hands of poker, and some good ol’ 90’s music to round it all up. We can define ‘chill’ to perfection, because on day 3, we lived it.

And for all the action from Day 3, we highly recommend checking out this album, and this cool one too ->

That brings us to the end of a three day escapade filled with all things good, relaxed, and inspired. And now we’re back! And we’re refreshed, excited and also ready for another offsite. Yes, another one. Does anyone hear us?

And because we are such fabulous documenters, we’ve got some more cool stuff from our offsite for you to check out. Presenting the #FC310 Minis Series! Right here:



The #FCInsiders bring you the #SCInsiders


We love collaborations. And this project had many. Firstly an amazing client, 4 super supportive #SCInsiders, and everyone else who had a part to play in the project.

#SCInsiders, a project for Standard Chartered, took us to Delhi, where we attended The Economist India Summit where we rubbed shoulders with the who’s who of Indian (and foreign) business.

But first, a little background on the #SCInsiders

This year, to make the Summit available to the larger public, we partnered with Standard Chartered, the founding partners of The Economist India Summit, sent 4 influential people from varied backgrounds to attend, learn and share their learnings from this year’s Summit. The 4 #SCInsiders comprised of nutrition expert and food writer, Nandita Iyer (@Saffrontrail), filmmaker and producer, Raj Kaushal (@rajkaushal1), energy researcher and founder of Disruptions Collective, Siddharth Singh (@siddharth3), and musician and programming head at Pepsi MTV Indies, Ankur Tewari (@AnkurTewari).

All throughout the Summit, they kept their followers up-to-date with quips, quotes and insights, each from their diverse and unique perspectives. And not surprisingly, #SCInsiders caught momentum and became one of the most talked about topic on Twitter, on the day.
Fans of the bank could also follow the #SCInsiders directly on

Post the Summit, we sat the 4 #SCInsiders down, got them discussing the sessions and got out their main takeaways from the days sessions and scheduled the shoot for early next day. But being in the presence of business royalty coupled with the splendour of the Taj Palace, we couldn’t help but be inspired, and bring out our very own royal side. (Embarrassing photo shoot, attached below)

Next day, the shoot saw us up bright and early, to a view that had us staring out of our windows for at least 5 minutes.

After a quick briefing and rehearsal of lines, we started shooting our film, only to take breaks in between takes, to release our overflowing royalty from the previous day.

With all this footage in hand it was now over to the studio after which we presented the takeaways from our 4 #SCInsiders, to the world.

And to further push these takeaways, we placed the videos on popular business and finance portals like The Huffington Post, Business Standard and Quint, in the form of native articles, which helped us reach out to a larger, relevant audience.

Like every project, there was smooth sailing as well as choppy waters, frantic calls, coordination nightmares, sleepless nights were more than made up for with loads of laughter, cups of tea, a few beers and the satisfaction of a job well done.

(Not to forget the endless stories from the two extremely ecstatic middle-class boys. Let’s just say that they made the most of their stay at a 5 star hotel)

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Yeh #CKDC Kya Hai?!


Over the past few days if there is one question that has been asked over and over again in the offices of Flying Cursor, it was this – “Yeh #CKDC kya hai?!”

Now we’re sure you’re curious too. Random hashtag with letters that together make no sense. Must be nonsense. But no! You’d be wrong! Because #CKDC was more than just a hashtag. It was the ultimate epic team bonding event. Now you’ll say that we still haven’t told you what CKDC stands for. Here were some guesses from the good folks at FC.

– Craig Ki Dance Class

– Cat Katrina Dono Cute

Needless to say, it is neither. #CKDC stands for….drumroll please….’Challenge Ke Do Chele’! A small, slightly evil, game for all of us at FC to break the tedium of work and bond a little with our co-workers.

The brainchild of ‘The Crew’, #CKDC had all of us paired up with a colleague to complete some challenges that would, well, challenge us. Take a look at ‘The Crew’ and their scheming happy faces at the hugely entertaining thing they created.


#CKDC was simple. 5 challenges to be completed. Each team had to tweet their challenge images to the agency twitter handle to qualify for the grand prizes. So easy. ‘The Crew’ built it up well, instilling a sense of fear and utter confusion among the poor unsuspecting FC humans. See?

ckdc pre-buzz

There is no point telling you what the challenges were because frankly they were inconsequential. However the photos that emerged from them were anything but. Presenting a selection of the most epic #CKDC images.

There was beauty.

ckdc nikhil

Preparations for beauty.


Wastage of cream. SO MUCH CREAM.

ckdc cream

Some serious bromancing. #BetterThanBrokebackMountain

ckdc bromance

Some brilliant supporting acts.

ckdc asmani

Even better balancing acts.

ckdc vikas

Troubling the local Vijaylakshmi cafe owner to pose. Like this.

ckdc priyanka shailesh

Arts and crafts.

ckdc hats


ckdc selfie

Some seriously sexay usage of bikes that we hope their owners never find out about.

ckdc maya

The worst prop ever found and then actually used! (No seriously. There were some massive concerns over this team’s choice of prop and the *ahem* sanitary concerns that followed.)

ckdc chaddi

We also had the most bollywood EVER in this video. But this might be a bit too much bollyness to handle and so we have taken the responsible decision to only put up a snapshot of it. Because much bolly swag = much danger. And we can’t unleash that on the world. (You could head to our twitter handle to take a look though.)

ckdc video

And lest we forget (don’t know how we can though because this image is now imprinted in our brains. FOREVER), there was skin show.

ckdc sean tushar

As you can see, the competition was intense with each team trying to outdo the other. And boy did they do a good job! Made choosing winners very hard for ‘The Crew’.

ckdc results

But finally we had winners! And very deserving ones 🙂 And they got real prizes! So much for days of suspecting they would get empty envelopes. Vouchers to buy stuff all around…just the thing #CKDC champs need. And whattay happy bunch they were with their (not empty) envelopes! 😀


Which team won you ask? Well if you saw that daring picture above (going shirtless takes some courage we say) you know who won. Well done Team Bajrangi Khaaye Jaa! *applause*


Thus ended the wonderfully crazy and scandalously heartwarming first edition of #CKDC. We will be back with more.

Till then please know that ‘The Crew’ khush hua.



Picture Wallahs


They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Now we’re not sure how they arrived at that number, but what we do know for sure is that pictures are a source of much joy, laughter, occassional tears (like when your mum puts up that ONE childhood snap you never wanted seen) and many many many many many memories.

So this World Photography Day, all the humans of FC chose one image that they held dear. And we’re sharing them with you now. Because we love spreading warm fuzzy feelings.

P.S – There are a lot of birds in the snaps below. So if you’re scared of avian creatures, we apologise in advance.

For the rest of you – ENZOY YAAR!

Our first submission was courtesy Divya Ramesh…

All the world's a stage, and everyone is staring at you.

All the world’s a stage, and everyone is staring at you.

Divya Says: “Very rarely do I remember that there is such a thing as framing a photo right and rule of thirds and shiz, but once in a while I accidentally I take a picture that’s not a blurry mess.”

From Sean D’souza…

In India, #cricket is life. #IPL

In India, #cricket is life. #IPL

Sean Says: “When in India, CRICKET!”

And heeeereeee’s Ajay Maurya!

Ajay Says: “This is the only picture which I use on all my Social Media Sites. Hope you also like this. #idonthaveselfies”

Jill Rambhia joins in with this…

On Earth there is no heaven but there are pieces of it - Jules Renard

On Earth there is no heaven but there are pieces of it – Jules Renard

Jill Says: “Shot this picture at Punakha Dzong, Bhutan”

Shraddha Waingankar se yeh aaya…

Shraddha WPD

Shraddha Says: “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances..”

Now for Nikhil Kokane…

Nikhil WPD

Nikhil Says: “No matter if it’s day or night. Wave. Just wave, like you don’t care.”

Yash Ved, this is yours…

Yash WPD

Yash Says: “Mumbai – Something pulls you here.”

Time for Tushar Malankar’s image…

Changing with the times.

Changing with the times.

Tushar Says: “The wait was long. And now it’s comfortable.”

Priyanka Nagarajan’s piece…

Priyanka WPD

Priyanka Says: “I love seeing birds fly and this photo has so many birds so I love it!”

Binitha Jacob brings more non-humans into the picture…

Binitha WPD

Binitha Says: “Let’s not forget the camera-shy earthlings.”

Dixit Javia also sent in one…

Dixit WPD

Dixit Says: “When you are on a road trip and find such a location.”

From Madhurima Sawale came…

Madhurima WPD

Madhurima Says: “Clicked this at a man made beach in the heart of the city in Brisbane. That’s so cool!”

Ashish Gupta’s contribution…

Ashish WPD

Ashish Says: “Road Trip.” (He’s a man of few words.)

Craig Fonseca can take pictures too…

Craig WPD

Craig Says: “One of my best memories of any beach. It was virtually my private beach. (Apart from this flock of birds)”

Vikas Andhale has one that hits close to home…

Vikas WPD

Vikas Says: “I sneaked out quietly after my interview at Flying Cursor’s old office.”

Klear…errr clear…the way for Kazan Uddin’s snap!

Kazan WPD

Kazan Says: “This is how I hit the reset button in my mind. I like to travel and just get away from it all. Also, take time to get some perspective on what goals I want to set for myself.”

Shardul Patil sent this…

Shardul WPD

Shardul Says: “Future plan.”

Rupesh Kambli makes us hungry with this…

Rupesh WPD

Rupesh Says: “Smoked Huli Huli BBQ chicken (Hawaiian cuisine)”


Now. Ready for Rohit Gite’s image? Look…

Rohit WPD

Rohit Says: “Some pictures you plan while some just happen. This photograph falls in the latter category. It’s an ode to my favourite word, ‘serendipity’.”

Here’s Tarini Barat showing us what kind of holidays we need to aspire to…

Tarini WPD

Tarini Says: “Sunsets. Boats. #pleblife”

Check out Asmani Malvade’s choice of picture…

Asmani WPD

Asmani Says: “The world is my oyster. This side and that side.”

Shaoli Rudra picked a favourite too…


Jama Masjid, Delhi

Shaoli Says: “Because this is my happy place. Because this is where the scores of people don’t matter. Where there is solitude in the scores. Where there is solace in solitude.”

Our resident photographer Kartik Chandramouli weighs in…

Coppersmith Barbet

Coppersmith Barbet

Kartik Says: “As far I remember, this photo was the reason I got interested in photography and this Coppersmith Barbet was my favourite subject. The photo motivated me to read a lot about this bird. While in Junior College I sent this photo to some college festival. They printed it and stuck it on the board. How cool was that!”

Parag Gandhi gets pictorial…

Parag WPD

Parag Says: “Mumbai load mat le..”

And last but not the least, Shormistha Mukherjee’s pick…

Shormistha WPD

Going home to the Himalayas


Shormistha Says: “I drove into the mighty Himalayas for 10 days. It was meditative, happy, humbling, exciting… don’t think I ever felt like that. Plus this shot looks like it could taken from an aircraft. And for some reason that thrills me ;)”

SAY CHEESE *click*

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We Started A University!


Remember those drunken nights when you’re just sitting with your friends and suddenly some brilliant soul screams, ‘We should start a bar!’. To which there’s an encore of ‘We should totally start a bar!’. Well we’ve got a somewhat similar story to tell. Sort of..

 National Geographic Channel was back with a new season of their hilarious and entertaining show ‘Science Of Stupid’.  And this time they wanted to free the world from stupidity.

First we zeroed in on the problem. If you watch the news, are on twitter or simply go out in public then you know that there are as many stupid people in the world as there are spots on a dalmatian. Maybe even more.

So how do we solve this? How do we free them from the shackles of stupidity? By the simplest & oldest solution there is. Educating them. With that, we welcome you to UnStupid University!

 Go here to check it out:

 To quote no one, ‘Stupidity – It’s a disease!’ And we’re offering the cure. Get yours today.

If you want to know more, here’s what the cool peeps at lighthouse insights had to say about us:

#SayNoToStupid okay?


FC Recommends 1: The Life and Times Of Krish Raghav


We’re a digital agency so needless to say we spend a lot of time on the weird and wonderful thing that is the internet. And if you’ve ever just been browsing, which frankly every human has, you know how you just stumble upon really cool stuff. We do too. A LOT of cool stuff. And since we’re such big believers in sharing and caring, we’re going to pass all that on to you. Presenting, FC Recommends – a weekly column on the interesting, the amusing, the awe-inspiring, the alarming, the entertaining and everything else that we come across that we feel you should see. 

First up – The life, times and adventures of Krish Raghav.

Krish is a journalist-turned-policy-adviser who has decided to document his life and it’s many changes, locations, ups and down via comic strips. Years in Chennai and Delhi have been swapped for some exciting and frantic times across S.E.Asia and Krish has taken to talking about his experiences all over the place through his illustrations.


It’s real, it’s interesting and it sure turns traditional travel blogging on it’s head. Actually, it’s not travel blogging at all. It’s chronicling your life in a fascinating way and we wish more people did it.

For instance, his latest move from Singapore to Beijing. Check out Krish talking about it.

Krish 1

Krish 2

Krish 3

krish 4

Krish 5

Intrigued? Then follow Krish’s adventures here:

And if comics are not your thing, then maybe music is!

Krish also puts together a fortnightly podcast called ‘Interesting Times’ ( – a mixtape of fresh, independent, pan-Asian music that covers, according to him, everything “from Karachi rooftops to Tokyo livehouses.”

Hmmm…interesting we say. What better way to try and understand all the new places and cultures you’re exploring than collecting its sounds?! And then putting it out there for the world to hear is just the icing on the cake 🙂

You can subscribe to Krish’s playlists at He’s very happy for people to contribute to these playlists so if you have any ideas, feel free to send them along to the gentleman in question at

That’s all for this first edition of FC Recommends. We’ll be back next week with another cool thing for you to check out.

Till then, ENJOY YAAR! Oh and….

You're Welcome Gif


Fly Frisbee Fly!


Teen Guna Lagaan.

That’s not what you have to pay Captain Russell, but rather the awesome superfantabulous Ultimate Frisbee team some of us here at FC play on. And those of us who don’t play, make up its permanent cheerleading squad, minus the pom poms. (Note to self- Get pom poms.)

This is the team after their first tournament together here in aamchi Mumbai. Look at all those shiny happy faces! But don’t be fooled by it. Because 3GL – Making opponents quiver in their cleats since 2014.

And now 3GL is off to play in Bangalore and spread the good word of ultimate there too. We may be just one tournament old but we mean business. We’ll show you how.

Here’s us when we started:

And now we have progressed up the badass scale to this:

3gl blog pic 1

This. Read that quote. Hear us roar. *insert other sports team on the rampage phrase*

Good luck 3GL. Make us proud. Let Bangalore and all those other teams see how awesome you are.

And you out there, send good wishes and vibes. And if you’re in Bangalore, bring bananas and electral powder.

*starts chanting*

“Khaane Ko Roti Nahin Milega….Nahin Milega Nahin Milega!

Pehen Ne Ko Kapda Nahin Milega….Nahin Milega Nahin Milega!

Sirf Khelne Ko Disc Milega!”

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We Like To Move It Move It


If you follow us on any of our social media handles and haven’t been an ostrich with your head buried in the sand recently, then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve moved to a new office. YAY! 😀

And just in case you somehow missed it, here’s a pretty silhouette-y sneak peek!

Wise people say change is good. And we kinda agree. Hence we have a spanking new office that we love dearly and we’re going to do some kickass work here! But the journey across the road (you’ll understand why we say this 3 lines later) has been a story in itself and today, exactly one week to the day that we’ve changed addresses, we’re going to tell you all about it.

But before we do that, let us address that most important FAQ – “Where have you moved to?”

The Answer: We moved right across the road from our old office. (We can’t go THAT far away. We’ll have massive withdrawal issues!) And so we decided to move to the shiny glass building just opposite. Our previous landmark to explain our location to folks is now the new office!

This move was bittersweet for most of us. While the idea of a new office, more space, drawers (yes drawers are exciting!) and a view was very appealing, we were sad to leave behind some things.

A Fifa in a blue tub.

Long conversational lunches, the people we lunched with and their lunch boxes.

A riot of colour everywhere you turned your head.

The general ambience of that cavernous yellow industrial space with dodgy internet. This was taken on the last day in the old office. Sums up Flying Cursor rather well don’t you think? *Full Feels*

But why dwell on the past when there is an awesome new office to talk about?!

It’s been put together with such love. From the furniture to the blinds to the flooring to the all important bathroom tiles to the fridge to whether the water filter must be RO…every little bit of FC’s new home has much pyaar and dulaar in it. And not just ours!

Much thanks is also owed to all the guys who actually put all the little pieces together. Special shout out to the AC guy with swag. Also described as “Uska na bilkul Salman Khan ki tarah style tha…full bandana shandana!” We were too dazzled by his bhai-dom to take a picture. You’ll just have to take our word for it.

For all the gentlemen in the following pictures – *APPLAUSE*









You know you love your new office when you often go to admire it even before it is ready. With highly loving looks. See?


Some of us thought it looked like a dance studio. Quite conceivable, considering office looked like this before the desks came in.


Just imagine us in tutus ballet-ing across that floor…(Stop laughing! We so could!) But the one common consensus about the new office? THE VIEW IS KILLER! CHECK IT OUT! 😀



Moving day was cool. There was the very special highly co-ordinated moving day look featuring baggy shorts and t-shirts. Coming soon to the ramps of Milan & Paris of course.

But the highlight of the day? Cake! Yummy chocolatey cake that finished in about 5 seconds of being cut!

And so we have a new office to call home. Different in look and yet nothing has really changed. Why do we say that? Because we’re already dola-ing here.

Because the pencil boxes, the boomerang and the phone case are on the wall where they belong.

Because Milo approves of the premises and has agreed to hang out here once in a while.

Because there is cool artwork around making our loos anything but ordinary.

So you see, this has been one helluva ride to this new space and we think it’s going to be one fun place to work! Where FC will be upto its usual madness and genius. So come visit! And when you do, we’ll do this dance:

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Caught On Camera: Himanshu Rohilla’s IPL Diary 4/4


Our man with the camera, Himanshu Rohilla has spent this season of the Pepsi IPL embedded with the Sunrisers Hyderabad. He was our eyes on the ground, taking awesome pictures for their digital campaign and serving as a behind-the-scenes chronicler of their life and times and his own experiences in the mad mad world of “India Ka Tyohaar”. IPL Season 8 is over for the Orange Army but how can it end without one last hurrah?! Here’s Himanshu’s final IPL blog post sign off. 

Himanshu Rohilla. This is what he looks like. With camera.

Himanshu Rohilla. This is what he looks like. With camera.

So the adventure came to an abrupt end. After the slow start the team had picked up pace and were poised to qualify but such is the game of T20 cricket. Anything can happen. The team that starts at the bottom can make it to the finals and last year’s champions don’t qualify.

I thought I found the tour to be really long, but in a few informal conversations some of the players echoed that sentiment. It is a long and tiring tour. There is a lot of travel, it takes a toll on everyone. Towards the end, I was counting down to the end most times taking the finals as an end. It feels great to be back to normal life, but I know this feeling is short lived and by tomorrow I will start to miss the madness that was IPL 8 with Sunrisers Hyderabad! It’s a team with great potential, I think everyone knows that but there is that something which is missing to take them to the end. And no one is really sure about what that is. Maybe that is the nature of this game.

Everyone I meet is excited to hear about my experience and I am being very nonchalant about it. It’s mostly outward I think or did I get used to TRAVELLING WITH SOME OF THE BIGGEST CRICKETING NAMES IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME?! No, of couse not. What started out with, ‘Hi, I am the team photographer, you are going to see a lot of me, don’t mind me pointing the camera at you all the time’ ended up with them saying, ‘we are heading to Hard Rock, wanna join?’ and somewhere down the line you start accepting them as normal beings and not the stars on screen that we are used to seeing them as.

So here I am 45 days later, back to where I started from. But in those 45 days I clicked my shutter eight thousand three hundred and eighty seven times. I met, travelled, shared meals and stories with 27 international cricketers from around the world. I saw and met many more stars of international cricket, some of whom have been my favourites. I learnt that there is so much more to the game and the grit, determination and the handwork that it takes to make it in the game of cricket. Of the millions who dream only a few make it to the big league and yet each of those million dreams are worth something. I learnt that IPL is a massive undertaking and the people behind the scenes are the real heroes making it India ka Tyohar! I learnt we are a selfie crazed nation, with little respect for others’ space. I learnt the price of fame.

That is all from me. Signing out. For more, give me a shout and we can always meet and talk about cricket and IPL. But no buffet, please. And Dale Steyn is the most awesome sports person ever! Also no one can say no to Muralitharan, after all he has EIGHT HUNDRED test wickets to his name. The most fun and unassuming legend ever.

From all of us here at FC – THANK YOU HIMANSHU!!! For all the pictures and for letting us live our IPL lives vicariously through your adventures with SRH. 
P.S. – Did we mention we were so jealous of you becoming besties with Dale? We did? Oh okay. 
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Caught On Camera: Himanshu Rohilla’s IPL Diary 3.0


Our man with the camera, Himanshu Rohilla has been spending this season of the Pepsi IPL embedded with the Sunrisers Hyderabad. He’s our eyes on the ground, taking awesome pictures for their digital campaign and serving as a behind-the-scenes chronicler of their life and times and his own experiences in the mad mad world of “India Ka Tyohaar”.  Here’s presenting round 3 of Himanshu’s IPL Diary. 

Over a month on the road, or rather in the air with Sunrisers Hyderabad and I am not sure which city I am in! I know I am in Hyderabad, but every morning I wake up and spend a minute to remember which city we are in. Since the last post we have been to Vizag, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata, back again in Mumbai then Raipur and now back to Hyderabad; quite a bit of criss crossing there. Fluffy clouds and blue skies are my new best friends and hotel buffets my worst enemy.

Our performance on the field is there for all to see, but behind the scene spirits are high especially after we beat CSK at our home turf, Hyderabad and then Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Daredevils in their respective home grounds. That night after the CSK match  is a blur for many, the next travel day, a nightmare. While Kolkata was a quick one day stop and a not so great match, being in Mumbai seemed to put everyone in a good mood. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are being hosted at the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel but more likely it is just the vibe and vibrancy of this beauty of a city. That’s my bit of Mumbai love right there. Raipur was hot, like walking through an oven hot, all day and all night. While there still ha been no Penny Lane, some of the players have been joined by their partners on and off, which either made them generally unavailable or a bit more interesting and upbeat but most have left now.

Personally for me it has been a great gig and an amazing month. I have met/seen many greats of the cricketing world some of whom include Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly, Wasim Akram, Ricky Ponting, Johnty Rhodes, Ian Bishop apart from of course VVS Laxman, Tom Moody and Muthaiya Muralitharan. I have had the pleasure to hangout, share meals and chill with some of the greats of the present times. All of this while having a camera in my hand and permission to photograph them.

All the perks aside it has been a challenging gig as well, a lot of which involves loitering in hotel lobbies waiting for something of interest. I’ve had to learn the eccentricities of sports photography overnight while dodging cricket balls coming at you from three different directions and I have had a few near misses. Also, while the players are used to cameras they are very fixed in their movements around one and that as a photographer it becomes a challenge while photographing the same people over two months and trying to bring in variety. None the less, apart from social media my photographs have shown up in the printed press, picked up by IPL’s official digital mediums, been on a magazine cover, and enlarged and adorned the stadiums at Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad. And while I say this, there have been days where I have just wanted to give it all up and go home and binge on the new season of Game of Thrones! It has been a phenomenal gig.

We are almost at the tail end of the tournament and every match is important. Weather we make it to the play offs or not is still uncertain. Theoretical analysis floating around says we need to win two out of the next three matches, everyone is hopeful to make it. I’d like to go to Kolkata again, it helps that it is the venue for the finals!

Our campaign may be over 🙁 But there will be one last blog hurrah from Himanshu so make sure you keep checking this space for it!